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K.C.R. Green

“Don’t go to the red room and watch it change to green. Do not stare at the small door under the stairs, tempting fate— or turn the ruby knob, to peer into the nothingness. The Epock is there.” -- The Stain Glass Door

A professional author, Green has just released 'The Onyx Star' and will release 'The Stain Glass Door' late July 2018.

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Spring 2018 Release— The Onyx Star



 An imaginative child, K.C.R. Green grew up in the countryside of Eastern Idaho, where her creativity flourished. At an early age, she was fascinated by space— wanted to be a writer, a pilot, and an archaeologist— subsequently, she spent her early years writing short stories, and the other half running through golden wheat fields pretending to be flying over lost ancient civilizations, or shooting down enemy star ships.

 The oldest of six, she cared for her younger siblings, and helped her parents build their home from the foundation up. While putting herself through college she lived in Portland, Oregon for three years, and wrote her first novel there. She now resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a single mother trying to save up for her daughter’s college education. Forever a dreamer, she hopes to spend the rest of her life studying ancient civilizations, the stars, and to one day start her own charity.

August 28, 2017

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17 June, 2017

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The Resitrence: Endangered
17 Mar, 2016

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18 Nov, 2015

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